Google Pixel review

Google Pixel Review, Price and Specs

Posted On 22nd Feb 2017 By Peter Tiriwo

Google Pixel Review

Google has released a new phone under its brand, as a replacement to the outgoing Nexus 5x, Google pixel has been released. It is a great phone in terms of performance, but costs more than its predecessors.

On a wider scale, Google pixel XL is most expensive of pixels, Further google pixels comes in two variants 128Gb at a price of $749, and the 32Gb version slightly lower at $649.

Google Pixel now runs on Android Nougat OS, offers a smooth performance due to its spacious 4GB memory and excellent Snapdragon processor.

Main features include: google assistant 12.3 rear camera, supports fast-charging technl.ogy and offers good user experience after configurations

Google Pixel specs

Operating System
Network & Data
Memory & Storage
Price Range

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Google Pixel review Google Pixel specs

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