Hino 500 series FC FD FE FG FL FM  Ranger  review

Hino 500 series FC FD FE FG FL FM Ranger Review, Price and Specs

Posted On 20th Sep 2016 By Peter Tiriwo

Hino 500 series FC FD FE FG FL FM Ranger Review

Hino 500 series features as a common class of  medium duty and heavy commercial vehicle available in the market today and have been competing with rivals for a while now.

Over the years, Hino  has made improvements to Hino 500, the most notable improvement is on fuel economy as seen in the Hino 500FE group in which the approximate fuel consumption  is 20litre for 100Km. Driver's comfort has also been considered with an adjustable driver seat and steering, and also the foot pedals and controls are accessible. On the other side, the exterior of Hino retains old design, big headlights near the sides and fitted on the bumper, common for all Hino 500 trucks.

The cabin though appears outdated in design, the plastics is pretty durable, accessible controls and adjustable steering and seat. An excellent visibility all round plus the clear exterior mirror posed by the exterior comes in handy during parking and in traffic.

Driving Hino 500, the steering is quite responsive on corners,  exhaust brakes supported with a little hydraulic brakes makes hino 500 pick speed fast during maneuvers and the feedback from gas pedal burns  is satisfactorily.

Hino 500 comes in different models/families but in whichever case  it is either 5 cylinder, 6 cylinder engine and 9 cylinder for larger . Also the transmissions vary from model to model. Hino 500 FT ranger has featured as a racing 4WD truck in the past. The transmissions also vary from 5,6cylinder and 9 cylinder for heavy duty trucks in the FM and FL families. Hino Super Ranger SG260J is distinguishable from the rest in design and power.

Featured technology innovations and safety measures included in some models of  Hino 500:  turbo charging, cooled EGR, and lack cruise control.

The table below outlines the comparison between popular Hino 500 ranger models/families:


Hino 500 series FC FD FE FG FL FM Ranger specs

Hino 500 series features and comparison
FamilyModelsGCMwheel base power at 2400RPMtorque at 1500RPM
Hino 500 FC
  • 1022
  • 1022 pro shift 6
  • 15000kg
  • 16000kg
Hino 500 FD
  • 1124
  • 1124 air
  • 1124 pro shift 6
  • 1124 crew
  • 16000kg
  • 20000kg
  • 4250mm
  • 4850mm
  • 5500
  • 176KW
  • 191KW
  • 716NM
  • 792NM
Hino 500 FE
  • 1426
  • 1426 air
  • 1426 auto
  • 22000kg
  • 20000kg
  • 15000kg
  • 4250mm
  • 4850mm
  • 5500
Hino 500 FG
  • 1628
  • 1628 auto
  • 1628 crew
  • 3780mm
  • 4280mm
  • 5530mm
  • 6220mm
Hino 500 FL
  • 1728 air
  • 1728 auto air
Hino 500 FM
  • 2628
  • 2628 air
  • 2628 auto &/ air
  • 2630 air
  • 2638 air
  • 36500kg
  • 38000kg
  • 45000kg
  • 4250mm
  • 5250mm
  • 6500mm
  • 206KW
  • 221KW
  • 235KW
  • 824NM
  • 1079NM
  • 1275NM
Hino 500 series FC FD FE FG FL FM  Ranger  review Hino 500 series FC FD FE FG FL FM  Ranger  specs

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