Isuzu FRR 600 review

Isuzu FRR 600 Review, Price and Specs

Posted On 8th Sep 2016 By Peter Tiriwo

Isuzu FRR 600 Review

Isuzu still hits the market and is one of the top selling Japaneses trucks, the frr 600 release has some pretty impressive features, with a horsepower 235hp the truck delivers well for a medium weight duty truck of 11 tonnes in capacity.

At a glanced revised and polished exterior, however still retains the same white exterior and grey interior. On the inside isuzu offers a simplistic design. A plus on this model goes to the ease of access in headlight, windscreen wiper and cruise controls within the steering wheel. This makes frr 600 easy and comfortable to drive.

While sitting on the drivers seat, you conspicuously get very clear view of the road. In terms of flexibility isuzu frr offers  excellent maneuvering ability in streets and corners. Isuzu frr is designed for long distance travel and payloads, behind the seats their is a space to rest. 


Isuzu FRR 600 specs

Isuzu FRR Features
  • FRR600
  • 235hp
  • 2400rpm
  • 521ft-lb
    6 speed automatic
  • 6 speed automatic
  • manual shifting
  • Fuel :200litres
  • Tonnage: 11000kg
  • Isuzu FRR 600 review Isuzu FRR 600 specs

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