Mistubishi Lancer review

Mistubishi Lancer Review, Price and Specs

Posted On 14th Oct 2016 By Peter Tiriwo

Mistubishi Lancer Review

Mistubishi lancer has made significant improvement over the 3 generations so far since 2002 especially in terms of its look, lancer comes after mistubishi mirage While the first generation lacked an impressive style, the second release stepped forward to try to stand out, however not until the latest generation that has introduced a sporty design to the lancer family of sedans.


Mistubishi lancer DE and ES having a front wheel drive at the lower end of this series are powered by 148 hp. GT a front drive and SE all-wheel drive both have  2.4litre 168hp  4-inline engine. For more torque consider Ralliart, a 237horse-power four-wheel drive type engine.

Other models of Mistubishi lancer that were made include O-Z rally, Sportback wagon and LS trims. Back in those days, the trims came with 120hp powered engine which was 2.0litre then. Ralliart first released in  2004, had 162-horse-power 2.4liter engine. mistubishi stopped production of sportback and LS in 2005.


Depending on the model and year, SE has cruise control, SE,ES and  Ralliart have more spacious interior. Ralliart still stands out of all the trims for its sporty design and power.


Mistubishi lancer is comfortable to drive and moderate in performance. Lancer Ralliart being the only release that earns greater favor among fans.

In general, lancer is offered at a average price, but still you can still find better competitors worth the same value.




Mistubishi Lancer specs

Lancer Review EngineDriveTransmission
Ralliart2.4lt 237-hpallautomated clutch manual
SE, DE2.4lt 148hpFront 5 speed manual
GT, SE2.4lt 168hpGT(front), SE(all) 5 speed manual
Mistubishi Lancer review Mistubishi Lancer specs

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