Pagani Huarya review

Pagani Huarya Review, Price and Specs

Posted On 5th Oct 2016 By Peter Tiriwo

Pagani Huarya Review

The Billion dollar Huayra Pagani maybe a dream car for many, only the wealthy folks who have exchanged bugatti and Ferraris can manage the luxury of owning one of these.

small history

Huayra pagani started as a project back in 2005 by a team of 57 engineers, not until 2013 that the company at madena managed to announce and release 20 of  huayra. The name huayra is derived from American warm south wind -'why-rah'. Since 2012 the company still produces in small scale to meet the limited market.

At a glance Description

Judging even by the photo, Huayra is amazingly awesome old school steering,sturning traction. In comparison with other sports-cars, huayra ranks as the best.


Huayra is powered by 6.0-litre turbo V12 engine and has a rear wheel drive, with a 738lb ft the peak ranges from 2250 to 4500 rpm and while weighing at 1350kg pagani huayra has perfect power distribution. The enormous torque gives a blowing experience on the road , more edgier and exciting agility.


As opposed to super sports cars having double clutch transmissions, Huayra opted for single clutch gear box  supplied by Xtrac which is manually operated, since it is small and much lighter than the double engine auto modules.Titanium bolts


A perfect blending combination of gorgeousness and performance of its own magnitude is worth the starting price of 849,000 Euros. 


Pagani Huarya specs

Pagani Huayra features
  • rear transmission
  • 6.0litre twin-turbo-V12
  • Power:720hp
  • Top: 225mph
  • 0-60mph: 3.3secs
  • Single Clutch gearbox
  • 58mph 3500 rpm
  • 2nd Gear 75mph & max 6000 rpm
Pagani Huarya review Pagani Huarya specs

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