PublicLikes Review - High Risk high pay legit business investment public likes

PublicLikes  Review - High Risk high pay legit business investment public likes news

So most bloggers out their are discouraging you from Joining publiclikes. I have a different opinion to share, Joining publiclikes is the same as gambling and odds are better for those who join earlier. The other way to describe publiclikes is like a temporary Job, you may get fired anytime.

If you don't know about publiclikes here is a recap. Publiclikes pays you for liking ads at a rate of 0.1USD per click. Their are four accounts/levels in which you can subscribe to. The free account, you get to click 5ads daily. i.e 0.5USD, this takes you a minimum of 50 days to get your payout of 25USD.

The basic account costs ksh4500/ 45usd. click upto 25ads that equals to 2.5USD. it only takes 10days to get ksh 2500.

The other accounts inlcudes pro costing 140USD per annum and premium costing 900USD. I will discuss about the Basic account here.

Reasons you should Join publiclikes now or never.

publiclikes is upgrading and Growing

Publiclikes recently moved their hosting to Azure servers, unlike previously publiclikes' website uptime is more robust than before.  They have also serving more countries, namely 

Kenya (84% of Publiclikes traffic ) Public Likes statistical review
South Africa
United Kingdom
United States

This is an indication of a growing company, The probibility of failure is a distant future. In addition more  ways of earning/gambling are being Introduced.

The Risk factor is small (18days risk for 7500 monthly income)

The risk you take only lasts 2 weeks everything after is profit. Investing 45USD or ksh4500 for an opportunity to get double 7500 per month (for one year) is not a big deal if it fails after the 2 weeks ellapses. You would have recovered the full amount after 18days (i.e. 4500/250).

Claim a bonus from referrer (lower the risk)

Your referer gains 1USD/ ksh 100 everyday from you, This is amounts to ksh 36K in one year. Considering this you may claim a bonus from your referer for around 1k, unless he/she is nuts, its a good deal to make. Uprade after using my referrals link below to get 500bob bonus.

The payout is real ( get the evidence from friends)

I have friends withdrawing between 2.5USD and 6USD for using a basic account every friday through MPESA, PAYPAL or other means of payment. You can easily find friends who have upgraded to show you their payouts, though this trend will not last forever, for now it is real.

Increase your odds/payouts (refer your friends)

You can get weekly payment by referring your friends. For every person you refer, you gain 0.04USD(4bob) x25 ads if they upgrade, this equals 1USD, imagine you are able to get all your referrals to upgrade. this equals 10USD, typically a kenyan earns ksh1250 daily from publiclikes.  a payout of 75USD weekly.

The only one point to note, it is important to inform your referrals of the risk they are taking before they upgrade their account. Give them some incentive too or share the risk with them (after all you are the one who gains most).


It is understandable why so many online writers are skeptical about publiclikes. The PTC (pay-to-click) per each advert click is unreasonably too large. The probability of publiclikes to fall is almost certain, the products/brands they are advertising does not seem to be real. Publiclikes is heading to become a gambling site, this is the only reasonable way they are going to survive. If you are ever going to join publiclikes, this is the time. Following the clues given above, you are most likely to gain. Good luck.

Get a 500bob bonus/coupon for registering then upgrading using this link.

PublicLikes register

PublicLikes Register Link2

​public likes information

Here is all information about public likes from their website

What Is Public Likes?
Public Likes is a revolutionary social media marketing tool available in a multi-language environment.


Our service consists of allowing advertisers to reach thousands of potential customers by displaying their advertisement(s) on our site and users to earn money by viewing those advertisements.


Our users click on the advertiser’s advertisement and view it during the amount of time specified by the advertiser.


After viewing the advertisement, the user gets credited with a pre-determined amount of money in their Public Likes account.


You don’t need to pay us a thing to start earning. So, register now and start earning money for free! 


You will only need to pay the Account upgrade fees if you feel like you have enough extra time to complete more tasks on our platform. This is meant to cut off time wasters. You can upgrade your account upon logging in.
How Do I earn
There are 2 ways of Earning through our platform:


1) Facebook Likes/Ads: 


Simply login to your Account and Click on the Earn Button. Choose the likes/PTC.


All you have to do now is click on these ads/likes to view the advertisers content and get paid instantly.


You can then withdraw your funds to Paypal,Payza,Payeer or Mpesa(East Africa only).


We pay USD.0.1 per view/like. Amounts are automatically credited to your account upon completion of any of these tasks.
2) Employing A Team Of Friends/Job Seekers


This feature is only available to Business Accounts i.e Basic,Premium or Gold. You need to upgrade to a business account to earn from your employees.


1.Here you employ 10-100 people to work under you depending on the number of your friends/family/employees who signup using your unique refferal code.


2.You and your Team recieve a minimum of 250ads/day


3.You view a minimum of 25ads/day and get paid 0.1$ for each ad


4.If you have 10 employees, they view a total of 250-1000ads depending on their account type and you recieve 0.04$ for each ad they view Hence giving you a total of 12.5$-45$/day of you have 10employees.
Why Free Accounts Dont Earn Refferal Commissions
1.We always ensure that our users know that this is not a get rich quick scheme where you just sign up infinite number of new members for simple tasks to earn a commission. 


2.The tasks assigned to Earners must be completed in a processional,professional and timely manner. You need legitimate employees/users to earn not Bots/fake accounts.


3.Viewing ads may sound easy, but it is time consuming. You need to spare your free time since our ads are time based too. e.g Some advertisers need you to view an ad for 10-15seconds for you to be paid.


4.We have had cases of People opening 1 business account and hundreds of free accounts to earn on the refferal commsion. This way no free Accounts earn referral commisions and our Anti-cheat system automatically bans all these accounts.
How Do I Access 250+ ads per day with Bronze Account
1. WIth any of the business accounts Basic up to Gold we Allow you to Employ upto 100 people under you.


2. Upon upgrade your account is vetted & profiled since most advertisers specify the demographics of the ad i.e Who should view the ads.


3.Upon ad placement our system automatically matches your profile to the ad demographics eg, age,sex,geolocation,num of fb friends etc.


4.You are then able to access 25-100 direct ad clicks/likes per day depending on your account type paid at 0.1$ per ad.


5. With 10 employees, they all access 250ads and we pay you 0.04$ per each of these 250 ads. Earning you a minimum of 10$/day.


6. We also pay your employees/friends 0.1$ per each ad they click on. 


7.Please note that your employees/friends need to have Business accounts to be able to view the premium ads.Most ads provided in the Business accounts are not visible to FREE ACCOUNTS since premium ads have demographic requirements. In free accounts we do not vet the accounts to acquire demographic details hence these users cannot view ads with demographic requirements
How Do I Add Employees/Refferals To My Account
1.Login to your Account and Click Refferals, then Click refferal tools.Here you will view your UNIQUE refferal link,which when clicked redirects new users to the registration page & automatically detects you as their Employer/refferer.


2. Copy and paste the Link to your email or facebook page and share with friends or any potential employee to use the link when doing their registration.


3. If you have a blog or website, copy and paste the HTML code to your blog/website such that your users can easily view it and become your Employees.


4. For every ad that your employees click you earn 0.04$ or kshs.4 per click. 


Eg: If you have a Bronze Account and 10 employees. You receive 50 ads in your account each paid at 0.1$ or kshs.10 per click. You additionally earn 0.04$ or Kshs.4 for each of the 500clicks/day your 10 employees work on.


5.Kindly note that most ads provided in the premium accounts are not visible to FREE ACCOUNTS since premium ads have demographic requirements. In free accounts we do not vet the accounts to acquire demographic details hence these users cannot view ads with demographic requirements.
How Do I View My Daily Ads
Simply login to your Earner Account


1.Click on Earn and you shall see Likes or Ads


2.Click on any of the tabs to view the ads assigned to you


3.Upon each Like, Money shall be credited to your Facebook Earnings Balance


4.Upon viewing each ad eg Website, Money shall be credited to your Main Balance


5.If you wish to withdraw your Earnings,Click on Money


6.Then simply transfer you Facebook Earnings to Main Balance


7.Then Click withraw & Choose your payment processor
Connecting Your Facebook Account
To view Facebook Ads and earn from Likes, you need to connect your facebook account to your Public likes account. Here’s How:


1. Ensure your primary email in facebook is the same as the email you used when signing up for the public likes account.


2. If the emails dont match kindly update your facebook email to match the public likes email.


3.Ensure you are logged in facebook in the same computer/phone.


4.Logout from your publiclikes account and then when logging in choose login with facebook.


5.Then give publiclikes the required permissions to access your fb account.


6.If you see a prompt to register,dont register again.Dont enter your username or such.


7.Just go back to login, then enter your username and password then click login


8.Go to earn, then likes. Wait for 5-10seconds for publicikes to connect to your fb account.


9.All you have to do now is click on the ads with the ‘Facebook Like Hand’ one at a time to avoid Unliking.
How Exactly Do I Withdraw(Settlements Done Every Friday)
1. Click on Money


2. Click on Transfer to Transfer your Facebook Earnings To Main Balance since you can only withdraw from Main Bal


3. Go to Withdraw


4.Choose the payment processor i.e where you want your money sent. Either Mpesa/Paypal/Payeer/Payza


5. Enter phone number if using Mobile Money


4.Enter Amount.


5.Click withdraw and depending on the min withdrawal/payment processor you receive your funds in seconds.
Why We Charge For Account Upgrades
1. We have thousands of free accounts which are basically not vetted due to the sheer volume, to avoid the junk we charge a small fee to anyone who needs a premium account. The amounts are easily earned as long as you meet your daily targets.


2. Secondly advertisers prefer to have vetted viewers who meet the advertisers demographics requirements.Eg: Age,sex,geolocation, etc. We are only capable of vetting Business Accounts(Bronze,Silver,Gold) hence only avail most ads with these demographic requirements to these business accounts.


3. We need commitment from our users. We believe, legitimate users and committed users can pay the membership profiling fees and knowing very well of the financial commitment made, they shall focus on the tasks assigned to them without failure since our advertisers expect their ad objectives completed within the agreed time frame.
Upgrading Through Paypa/Payza/BTC


1. Login as an Earner/advertiser


2.Click on Money


3.Click on Transfer


4.Choose Paypal/Payza/BTC to ad balance and enter amount you want to pay.


5. You’ll be redirected to the payment processor you  for automated payment.


6.Your account is successfully credited and you can now buy ads/account upgrades.
Upgrading Through Mpesa:East Africa
1. Go to Your Mpesa—>Paybill—->531300—->Account is Publiclikes—->Amount


2.Login to your account and Click on Support then Click Contact .


3.Create a Support Ticket Containing Phone number used to Pay and Amount paid


4. Check your account within 3mins and the funds should reflect in your Accout’s Cash balance.


5. Click on Upgrade then scroll down and choose the Account type matching the funds you deposited


6. The upgrade is done instantly and we start profiling your account

7.You can also provide us with the username of your employer/refferer so we may link your accounts.

By TechPotter