Safaricom Home Internet Claims Big Share of Zuku Fibre Market as Jamii Telecom Promises Better Deals for Kenyans

Safaricom Home Internet Claims Big Share of Zuku Fibre Market as Jamii Telecom Promises Better Deals for Kenyans news

Safaricom Home Fibre Takes Over Zuku Fibre Share as Jamii Telecom Promises Better Deals for Kenyans, Kenya is among the top african countries to use fibre Internet with the main providers being Zuku, Safaricom Home Fibre and coming soon Jamii Telecom that claims to offer 30mbps of internet at kes.5000. The future is promising for kenyans as most households will be able to enjoy fast internet speeds at affordable speeds.

Here is a review of what is currently available at the market. For a couple of years Zuku has been known to be the main supplier of internet for homes and small Businesses. The Giant safaricom  is now threatning to grab a better share of the fibre Internet consumption Market. Safaricom has come with a more competitive price and a door to door sales  force mechanism to lure kenyans purchase at least the lowest bundle package going at KSH. 2500 for 5mbps monthly. This speed promises a download speed of upto 3.28Mbps and upload speed of 1.8Mbps. In a perfet ecosystem where ceteris paribus applies this internet speed is satisfactory for small operations such as Cyber cafes. 

Safaricom Home Fibre Internet Pricing


Speed (Mbps)

Monthly Cost

Free Voice Minutes

Validity Period



Kshs. 2,500/=

100 minutes

30 Days



 Kshs. 3,499/=

150 minutes

30 Days



 Kshs. 4,999/=

250 minutes

30 Days



 Kshs. 9,999/=

500 minutes

30 Days

Zuku Pricing packages

zuku offers packages for homes and business categories as shown below

Home Packages

Home Basic - 30MBPS - Ksh 4,699 + free zuku calls

Home Preferred - 50MBPS  - ksh. 5,999 + free zuku calls

Home premium - 100Mbps - ksh.9999

Home Advanced - 250Mbps - ksh.19,999

Other TV channels zuku fibre packages include

Plus Asian Package - ksh. 999 ( 33 channels)

Plus Classic Package - ksh. 499 (78 channels)

Plus premium package - ksh. 999 (111 channels)


Advantages of Safaricom Home Fibre packages

1. Excellent Customer support, Safaricom offers a dedicated line to call for there internet subscribers , dial 400 , it is free.

2. Quick response on downtime, technicians are send immediately to resolve down times.

On the other side, Safaricom fibre has been seen as a dissappointment since it does not meet the robustness expected, Zuku on the other hand beats them on this.

Advantage of Zuku Fibre

1. Reliable, fast and affordable internet for small business, Zuku have a long established record in there delivery of internet, New entries in the market though seems a threat to the monopolistic nature of the fibre internet in Kenya.

Zuku however does not offer superb customer support as safaricom, It is costly to call them and additionally they may offer you the much needed support at a crucial time. 

Jamii Faiba is another promininent fibre internet and Faiba Tv provider, There packages include 

Faiba Home - Starting at ksh. 5000

Faiba Connect - Starting at ksh.9000

Faiba Business - Starting at Ksh. 10000

With the current competition lower fibre internet rates is expected in the near future, To remain competitive, Fibre internet providers have alleged to provide free fibre to schools and other public instututions, we are yet to witness how well they implement this good will to the public. 

By TechPotter