Why You Need a 4G phone in Kenya - Best 4G Phones

Why You Need a 4G phone in Kenya - Best 4G Phones news


4g phones are the becoming increasingly popular this days, if you are still missing one then you better grab one today because there are very good reasons to own a 4g phone in 2017. Don't be scared by prizes since there are a number of 4G phones going under 15USD(kes.15000)

What is the difference between 3G and 4G

Most of us are used to 3G Internet, as a matter of fact, some argue the speed is fast enough. 3G is a third generation speed Internet. 4G(also referred to as LTE) being a 4th Generation super-fast speed comes with 10-times faster download and upload speeds than 3G! No way, “My data will be spend before I start even using” probably what you are thinking now. Again don't be shocked, Kenya is still at a promotional stage in offering 4G Internet. The good news is all 4G providers( Safaricom, Telekom and now Airtel) are offering cheap to free 4G data bundles. Also, the super-fast data speed does not mean wastage, better for us pages will be loading faster and we'll achieve maximum utilization of our bundles.

Telekom 4G for Free – 1GB 4G4F daily

This is the number one reason why you should buy a 4G phone, Orange gives away 4G data of 1GB daily for free, all you have to do is top up with any amount and dial *544# to subscribe daily free 4G. Seriously! 1GB is sufficient enough to surf a whole day and still stream a number of YouTube videos. Next time you see someone sell an orange line at the gate of your campus or in the streets, don't be mean, it is worthwhile buying it, it is just 50bob.

Safaricom 4G offers

When Safaricom first introduced 4G in Kenya, they gave away 1GB free data to those who upgraded their lines. That offer is gone now, you understand it is Safaricom we are talking about. Anyway the data rates for 4G are much cheaper than 3G, dial *544# to check their offers. You need to first confirm that your phone is 4G ready and you have an upgraded line to support 4G.

Airtel Cheap 4G data

Airtel recently introduced 4G in Kenya, and the package come with crazy offers, that you can't let go. Airtel gives away 1GB daily data at 99/= and 2GB at 200 daily, though not compared to free 4G provided by Orange, I consider it an additional bonus to use when you exhaust your 1GB orange data.

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